Aircraft Maintenance Request

FLYBY AIR is capable of maintaining everything from small single-engine aircraft to large multi-engine jets. Our mechanics are dedicated to ensuring your aircraft is maintained properly and efficiently. We will not try to sell you a repair you don’t need and we will not do a “$100.00 annual.” We will do our best to make sure your aircraft is safe to fly. FLYBY AIR has extensive experience maintaining Falcon, Learjet, Beech, Cessna, and Piper products.

Full Service Maintenance

FLYBY AIR offers full service aircraft maintenance with combined experience of over 90 years! Our maintenance department offers complete support for Hawkers, Cessna Citations and Beechcraft King Airs as well as a wide variety of piston twin and single engine aircraft.

Composite Repair Ability

Our highly experienced team of technicians are advanced school trained and perform all types of maintenance for small issues to annual and phase inspections. FLYBY AIR is also the premier Michigan Cirrus Service center with full heavy composite repair ability. We can guarantee that your Cirrus aircraft will be maintained to Cirrus factory specifications.

Authorized Service Center

In June of 2013, FLYBY AIR was approved as a newly authorized Cub Crafter Service Center. Please contact us with any maintenance inquiries using the form below. Be sure to list the make, model, and any other pertinent information about your aircraft, the issues that you may be experiencing, or type of maintenance you are inquiring about. Thank you.


Avionics Maintenance Request

Flyby Air’s aircraft radio and avionics repair station is committed to quality and providing equipment of superior craftmanship. We are FAA certified and rated for testing and inspecting limited radio equipment and limited instruments.

Our capabilities primarily include:

  • Altimeter systems
  • Transponder systems.

Authorized Dealers

We are authorized dealers for OEM parts from leading manufacturers, such as AvidyneL3/Harris, and FreeFlight systems. Flyby Air also provides warranty repair services should your Avidyne, L3/Harris, or FreeFlight systems equipment require service or replacement parts.

Testing and Certification

Not only do we work with some of the top manufacturers in the industry, but Flyby Air’s avionics maintenance team can offer off-site and remote testing based on your repair needs. We can also complete CFR 91.411 and CFR 91.413 2-year aircraft certification when necessary.


When it comes to avionics, we’re proud of our expert technicians and their high-quality workmanship. Flyby Air’s maintenance team is capable of troubleshooting and repairing most avionics issues. Our accomplished professional team is also available for custom avionics installations and is fully capable of assisting with light sport and experimental aircraft avionics.

Joshua Zeinstra

Director of Maintenance,

Randy Carlson

Director of Maintenance,

Diane Gerberding

Maintenance Administration,
Traverse City