Flyby Air One Way Flights and Transients

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Discounts apply to the exact routes or any route in the same general direction. We can arrange other routing that may not be displayed as well.

3/10 BIV (MI) – RST (MN) King Air 100
3/23 – 3/26 BIV (MI) – PIE (FL) Lear 45
4/5-4/8 BIV (MI) – APF (FL) Lear 45
4/8-4/10 MKG (MI) – MKY (FL) Lear 40
4/14-4/18 MKG (MI) – FXE (FL) Lear 45
4/30-5/1 MKG (MI) – MTH (FL) Lear 45

Lear 40

Available in Muskegon, MI

Lear 45

Available in Holland, MI (homebase)

Lear 45

Transient in Venice, FL
March. 11th – March. 15th

Lear 45

Transient in Naples, FL
March 15th – March 17th

Special Rates: Aircraft subject to change between Lear 40 and Lear 45

Transients: Aircraft based in one location for an extended period of time. This may include homebase.

Aircraft in bold/italicized are Flyby Air LLC.  companies – Tulip City Air Service, Inc. (#EBTA449D).

Local Operators One Way Flights

All flights are flexible on routing. Best pricing applies to direct routing.
This is a list of local operators in the Midwest that Flyby Air LLC. works closely with.

3/8-3/9 PWK (IL) – ALB (NY) Falcon 900B wifi
3/15 MKY (FL) – JVL (WI) Hawker 800A wifi
3/20 PGD (FL) – DPA (IL) Citation V wifi
3/22 FXE (FL) – JVL (WI) Hawker 800XP wifi
3/26 JVL (WI) – EGE (CO) Hawker 800XP wifi
3/26-3/27 Midwest – Florida Hawker 800XP wifi
4/2-4/3 EKM (IN) – PBI (FL) Citation XLS
4/3 OPF (FL) – ALN (IL) Falcon 50
4/8-4/10 GSH (IN) – SRQ (FL) Citation XLS
4/9 JVL (WI) – FXE (FL) Falcon 2000 wifi
4/24 JCL (WI) – SBA (CA) Hawker 800A wifi
5/17 JVL (WI) – HPN (NY) Falcon 2000 wifi
5/19 TRM (CA) – JVL (WI) Falcon 2000 wifi

Hot Routes: These are routes that are common and often selling frequently

Other aircraft listed are Part 135 Air Carriers, under their own operational control. We would represent you as your agent, to get the best aircraft and price possible.

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