Lear 31

  • Range:

    1,877 miles

  • Cruising Speed:

    515 mph

  • Passengers:


The Learjet 31 is an American built twin-engined, high speed business jet. Manufactured by Learjet, a subsidiary of Bombardier Aerospace, as the successor to the Learjet 29.

The first flight of the LJ31 took place on 11 May 1987. The Learjet 31A variant was introduced in October 1990. This version featured increased cruising speed, a digital avionics system with EFIS supplied by AlliedSignal (today Honeywell) and an instrument panel layout change. The nose gear wheel is steered by a Steer by Wire system. The windshield could be heated electrically.

The Learjet 31ER with increased range was produced.

The first 31A serial number 31A-035 entered service 15 August 1991. The 200th 31A was delivered in October 2000. The last 31A delivered, serial number 31A-242 was delivered 1 October 2003.

By 2018, late 1990s to early 2000s Learjet 31As begin at $600,000.

Sourced: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Learjet_31

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